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Storage Warehouse

65,000 sq. ft. Warehouse

Storage Services

Many relocation customers haven’t finalized their destination. Some are waiting for homes to be built, some are moving into apartments which can’t accommodate all of their belongings, and some just need extra space.

Between all three of our locations we have a combined 125,000 square feet for storage space. Each warehouse is equipped with fire and heat detection systems, ADT alarm system, and a gated yard with security floodlights that light up the whole property.

Coast to Coast Moving and Storage offers long and short term storage options. Our warehouse can accommodate a variety of storage items: HHG, Corporate, Commercial & Hospitality. Our Inventory System keeps your items clearly labeled and efficient for Receiving and Delivering. Upholstered furniture is shrink wrapped for added protection. Our facility is sanitized and climate controlled with an advanced ventilation system. Your property is accessible with 48 hour notice.

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