About Our Drivers

Tommy Sheridan, Driver

Years in Business: 15 | Years with CTCMS: 2 | From: Union, NJ

Best Mover Advice: Sit back & let the movers take care of it; we're the professionals.

Favorite Place delivered to: Texas, good food, good people

Special skills/awards given: Tommy has worked in every aspect of the industry and hopes to gain the Safety mileage award with us. His partner/girlfriend Deb travels the road with him; handling half the responsibility to ensure a smooth transition. They have worked as a great team for the last 3 years.

Kenny Donnell, Driver

Years in Business: 14 | Years with CTCMS: 2 | From: Tampa, FL

Best Mover Advice: Hire a professional: For a local move pack yourself it doesn't save money. Long distance move: do your research. Savings here or there may cost you more $ in the long run.

Favorite Place delivered to: FL because that means he's close to home.

Special skills/awards given: He was taught by the old school movers so if you want it done right he says to call him! He has yet to receive any awards but he more than makes up for it with his satisfactory customer reviews.

John Gillen, Driver

Years in Business: 40 | Years with CTCMS: 7 | From: Milsburo, DE

Best Mover Advice: Communicate with your driver; let him know your main concerns no matter how small and he'll accommodate

Favorite Place delivered to: Delivered to Nantucket, MA, Loaded from Long Beach, CA

Special skills/awards given: Gillen is our veteran driver and we know he can handle any relocation situation that comes his way. He's been the Driver of the Month for Wheaton World Wide 3 times.

George Plumley, Driver

Years in Business: 25 | Years with CTCMS: 5 | From: Philadelphia, PA

Best Mover Advice: Plan for best, be prepared for the worst.

Favorite Place delivered to: San Diego: he thinks it's nice with an average temp is 85 w/no humidity. Many options for adventure with the beach, desert and mountains near by.

Special skills/awards given: Nov 2017 Driver of Month. 500,000 mile Safe Driver awards.

Luis Santana, Driver

Years in Business: 7 | Years with CTCMS: 7 | From: Mayaguez, PR

Best Mover Advice: Make sure you know what you want to go and not go; be as organized as possible.

Favorite Place delivered to: Key West, feels like he's at home. Food, culture are the best.

Special skills/awards given: Within Luis's 7 years with our company he started as a laborer loading and unloading trucks and has now become one of our premier drivers. He runs our Military & HHG shipments within FL. He strives to make everyone comfortable and happy with his "Service with a smile" objective.

John Vercher, Driver

Years in Business: 40 | Years with CTCMS: 4 | From: Cincinnati, OH

Best Mover Advice: Make sure you move your valuables the right way. Ask questions if you don’t understand the process.

Favorite Place delivered to: Ran the west coast for years. He likes Seattle & Northwest area the best.

Special skills/awards given: John started working when he was 14 with the local mover. He uses his knowledge of the industry to share his experiences with his customers for a smooth move. He's been awarded Master Mover with Allied & Top 200 Elite Fleet with Grable.

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