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0 Research, Research & Search Again!

  • by Morgan Kidd
  • 01/06/2017
What to research: Good Reviews (some bad ones are ok, not everyone is perfect and accidents happen, use your best judgment). Find your middle ground pricing; cheapest mover isn't always your best option, but neither is the most expensive. Out of the 3 quotes you receive you'll see where the middle ground is. Research where the company is and if they are actually a moving company and not just an office full of Brokered Salesman. You want a mover that has trucks and equipment and maybe a warehouse for storage. Those are the guys with experience. Find a company that treats you like a person, not the next number in line. Look for the company that asks many questions, the more detailed they are the better you know your quote will be. Finally, make sure the mover you choose is licensed and Bonded and has liability to offer.

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