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0 Watch OUT for BOGUS Movers...

  • by Morgan Kidd
  • 05/22/2017
I'm concerned for people looking for movers and how they choose them. I've been getting so many calls recently from people looking for their Sales Rep and asking if they can get their deposit back or find out why the truck hasn't come after they have paid a deposit. STOP PAYING DEPOSITS! Any reputable mover or van line will not ask for a deposit in advance for your long distance move. I'm getting these calls because Coast to Coast Moving & Storage Inc. is similar to another company that is just a broker and takes deposits. I just spoke with an elderly couple that gave $800 deposit for their move and may not get it back. Now they have to search out another mover at the end of a busy month, in peak moving season, when most movers are already booked. They thought they were locked in and all set to move to their new home; that is not the case. They said they searched on line and clicked one of the 1st links to get a quote. Plus they got a quote for their move that was a 3rd of what my van line quotes. The saying "It's Too Good To Be True" applies and when it comes to getting quotes PLEASE get several from actual movers that offer to come out for an in-home estimate. Watch out for the quick click companies that you fill in random things to generate an instant quote. See if the company you are talking to is associated with a Van Line. Look up their actual website to see their affiliations and make sure they are licensed and Bonded. Good Luck and take caution when researching who to choose; "Entrust Your Life's Memories" with Coast to Coast Moving & Storage Inc. Thank You as always for your consideration and I hope to talk to you soon! 813-621-1003 or

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