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0 2017 St. Patrick's Night Parade

  • by Morgan Kidd
  • 03/21/2017
I've been aware of the spectator side of parades since my parents took me as a child. The candy, little trinkets and whatnots thrown out from the floats; the music, laughter and camaraderie amongst the parade goers that makes you feel good seeing the bands, fire trucks and colorful floats. Well I now have backstage knowledge of being in a Parade. It all starts with the preparation of figuring out where to begin. Then choosing the right objects to be thrown to spectators, design of your float and then making sure it all happens by “Go time”. Making lists to make sure decorations are bought and people are lined up to volunteer and making sure your application is completed and sent in. Counting down the days and the excitement builds along with worry. Will everything fall into place, will all the planning and effort be worth it in the end. It so was worth it! The 2017 St. Patrick’s Night Parade in Ybor City, a local community within Tampa was a BLAST! It was an event Sponsored by the 1st US Volunteer Calvary Regiment Rough Riders, Inc. They were a great club to work with and I look forward to working with them again in future events. Thank you to everyone who showed up to participate and patiently waiting while the Parade kicked off. Thank you for helping throw out the beads, cozies, t-shirts and CTCMS bling to the jubilant crowd. Thank you to the crew who decorated our truck and climbed the ladders to the top! Thank you to the team in our office that helped with all the little things that made a HUGE difference! I can’t wait for next year and the ideas have already started to form! Top ‘O the Evening to Ya, Morgan the Grateful!

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