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  • 0 I have to Choose!

    • by Morgan Kidd
    • 01/09/2017

    Excellent Choice! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • 0 Research, Research & Search Again!

    • by Morgan Kidd
    • 01/06/2017

    What to research: Good Reviews (some bad ones are ok, not everyone is perfect and accidents happen, use your best judgment). Find your middle ground pricing; cheapest mover isn't always your best option, but neither is the most expensive. Out of the 3 quotes you receive you'll see where the middle ground is. Research where the company is and if they are actually a moving company and not just an office full of Brokered Salesman. You want a mover that has trucks and equipment and maybe a warehouse for storage. Those are the guys with experience. Find a company that treats you like a person, not the next number in line. Look for the company that asks many questions, the more detailed they are the better you know your quote will be. Finally, make sure the mover you choose is licensed and Bonded and has liability to offer.

  • 0 Who is Blogging and why should I read it...

    • by Morgan Kidd
    • 01/05/2017

    Hello All, I’m Morgan and I've been in the Moving Industry for over 15 years, time flies when you’re having fun! As the Sales & Marketing Manager at Coast to Coast Moving & Storage Inc., I've taken on the responsibility to inform you the consumer on your options when moving. I would love to tell you to just CHOOSE US, but that is not the responsible thing to do. I want you to know why we are your best option. I want you to feel good about entrusting your life’s memories with us at Coast to Coast Moving and Storage Inc. Each Post I will try to explain the ins and outs of the moving industry so you have a better idea of what to except when you’re moving. I’ll provide you with knowledge regardless if you’re moving local, long distance, need short/long term storage or packing and unpacking. The knowledge I’ve learned through experience in the Moving Industry will help guide you in the right direction, hopefully towards us! I’m always open and able to help with any questions or concerns. Email: PH: 813-621-1003 x 1007 Thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you make the right choice in your mover, Morgan

  • 0 Today we Go LIVE!

    • by Morgan Kidd
    • 01/03/2017

    Coast to Coast Moving & Storage Inc. has a new look and updated information on our website. Thank you to Stephanie at Calloway Graphics for all of your help and creative design. I look forward to keeping everyone updated on tips, concerns, fun facts and all around information in the Moving Industry. For now, enjoy and navigate your way through our NEW WEBSITE!

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    • by Morgan Kidd
    • 12/08/2016

    Today, 12/8/16, Coast to Coast Moving & Storage enters a new phase. We are proud to announce our website is about done and will go live shortly. Along with the new look and easy navigation you'll find: reviews, contact info, information about our services, an estimate page and of course this Blog! I'm happy to be able to communicate my Pride in working with Coast to Coast Moving & Storage and helping Customers decide that we are your 1st and best option! Any questions or concerns about your move please don't hesitate to call (813-621-1003) or email ( us, we're happy to help! Talk to you soon, CTCMS Crew!

  • 0 Protection and Piece of Mind

    We off er excellent valuation and protection plans – from the most basic of which are complimentary, to full replacement valuation plans. If your Client’s belongings are damaged or lost, our coverage plans make sure they’re protected.